Hello There!  It’s Jordan from Jordan’s Flour Box and I’m here to ask for your help to make YOUR wedding day the most memorable event ever!  First let me start off by saying...PLEASEEEE read this blog as these are some of the most important things to allow things to run smoothly between you and I and your gorgeous cake.  

  1. I always offer cake tasting!  AND..not just in my home. I want you to take your cupcakes home and you and your fiance enjoy each and every cupcake.  BUT..because we’re not perfect - if you hate one and need to spit it out (at least it’s not in my face lol. I am very words of affirmation and that just might hurt a little more than I’ll show)
  2. We always set up a pre-consult.  A pre-event consultation is set in place so that we get an opportunity to meet and talk about your wedding and expectations before the big day arrives. We will talk about your timeline and how your schedule is planned, when you want me to arrive and set up, etc.  
  3. PLEASE….make sure you have a cake stand available.  And not just any cake stand.  Remember to ask me the measurements of the “bottom” tier of your cake so that you can purchase the correct size as we do not want your cake to spill over, fall over or even look super small because the stand was too large.  
  4. PLEASE..make sure if you’re doing flowers to leave them with someone or in the kitchen with a label on it marked - FOR THE BAKER/CAKE PERSON.  That way, I am not taking time from your planner/coordinator to ask for flowers, when she could be using that time to make sure other things run smoothly.  
  5. CAKE’s such a small detail, but don’t forget if you’re taking your top tier and saving it for 1st year anniversary, you’ll need a cake box to journey it back home with you.  (And no snacking for 365 days lolol)
  6. KITCHEN - I need a working kitchen to set up. Not a storage room (oh boy, you don’t want to know about that one). But a kitchen with a working sink and electricity. Sounds just don’t know the half.  
  7. PLEASE…. Make sure there is adequate space in the refrigerator. Most wedding cakes run approx 3-5 feet tall.  YUP, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY..and if I don’t have the space, your cake will melt and that’s a No-No.  

Thank you for taking time out to read this blog.  I really, really, really appreciate it.  As time goes on, I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list -but for now - I look forward to a wedding that runs smoothly with you.  


JFB #DallasFortWorthTeenBaker