Hello Everyone Welcome To My First Blog!!!!

My Name is Jordan, I recently just turned 16 (yay) I am apart of a really big family (but come on who really doesn’t love big families) I have 5 Sister and 4 Brothers and a whole lot of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins who all get on my nerves but I love them all to death. 👀😂

  • My Favorite Color is Baby Pink and Yellow,
  • My Favorite Food is Sushi and Chicken
  • My Favorite Candy is Rips & Starburst!!!! 

I am a believer in the Most Highest King 👑. I was born and raised in North Carolina, but now we have relocated to “The Heart Of Texas. “ As a Teenager, I know how fast time can fly as I started baking at the end of 2019 now it’s .....2021, like what in the world HAHA. When I am not baking I enjoy playing the piano and making balloon arches “but just for fun” haha I’m not starting a business. I also really love to collect all different types of aprons and silicone spatulas!   

Want to know a funny story, let me tell you about the crunchy cake that wasn’t Nestle lol. The funny thing is when I would tried to bake cakes when I was younger, my cakes would always taste so crunchy, haha do you know why my cakes were crunchy? It was because I didn’t know how to crack eggs properly. When I was younger there would be small pieces of eggshell in my cake and I thought that’s how cake are supposed to be made, little did I know that YOUR CAKES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CRUNCHY OR TASTE LIKE EGG Lol. 

Baking takes a lot of practice and patience and it doesn’t happen overnight trust me I tried and tried, but it just takes time & practice. When I started baking, My best friend was “YouTube” for everything. Without YouTube, I would probably still be making turkey cakes haha 😂. When I grow up “more” in the future, I want to have my own bakery on wheels and I also want it to have my favorite colors - pink and yellow with Silicone Spatulas.  

In summation; I just want everyone to know how thankful I am that God has Blessed my business more than I could ever imagine and it’s amazing. He just keeps on blessing me! I also want to say thank you for reading “MY FIRST BLOG”!!! Thank you to everyone who has ordered baked goods from me. I can’t wait for what the future beholds!

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