Hello everyone, today I am writing my first blog!!!!!! At first, I didn’t really know what to write about lol but then I was like let me blog about my first cake, So as you can see the cake that is at the top was my first cake ever, this cake was created on November 28th 2019 it been a full year of me baking,at the time when I first made this cake I thought that I was the bomb, I thought that this was the best cake in the world but then i created an instagram and I typed in #TEENBAKERS and I was like WTH they are so good, I was like my cakes are going to look like that one day all I just need to do is keep practicing because practice makes perfect right, so I kept on baking and baking and people kept on tagging me in post saying how good there cakes were and now I am where I have wanted to be from the very beginning and let me tell you this has been such a journey because now I am making wedding cake and a whole lot of birthday cakes and I couldn’t be happier thank you for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed!!!